Sunday, November 11, 2012

Noob "smart" phones

Technology. Innovation. Evolution. Does it always get better? Yes, in a sense that nothing remains the same too long and significant discoveries are made almost everyday. But are we truly going through evolution or yet another cycle?

It is a far too big a scope to discuss technology of the world today here. I am not writing an essay of a 1000 words here afterall. However what rather gets my attention lately was that the evolution of mobile phones. 

Mobile phones used to be rather a luxury back in my adolescent. I remember bringing some colorless phone to my tuition class and someone proclaimed that he must have a mobile phone too since even i had it. Mobile phone was not common in the good old days. I remembered mobile phones the size of my face, even bigger. I remember when mobile phone with camera was first released. But what i remembered most was when i get my first phone for the very first time and i was so happy that i carried it around with me everywhere and checking it every 2-3 minutes or so as to not miss my best friend's message. I remembered clearly it was a blue colored casing phone with sparkles. It has Doraemon ringtones...

do NOT mess with "Thor's hammer"
And then like everything else, evolution takes place. Phones evolve into smaller, much compact phones. The smaller it is, the more expensive it gets. Apparently carrying around a big ass phone is shameful. Polyphonic ringtone came into the picture, then mp3 supportable followed by colored display, camera and suddenly BAm, out come the touchable screen smartphones with big ass size. Impressive. But what happened to the race for "smaller the better" phones. And all of sudden phones are getting bigger and owning a bigger screen phones is something to be proud of. Phones with 8-10 megapixels camera, quad-core processors, and 4g. Impressive... but i think we are missing something very important here. 

squares, spongebob everywhere

Man, phones nowadays are ugly like shit! Go around and checkout any phone and what you will get is the excessively mainstream rectangular shaped phone. Manufacturers are no longer bothered with innovations and if not all but most phones are big ass rectangular phones. What happened to the effort to create elegant sophisticated shaped phones? I guess it all went down the drain since the day where the term "smartphones" was used. And all of the sudden, people are just concerned with how fast can their phones surf the internet, how many megapixels do their phone have and how fast is their phone processor is. 

"Good Job", Mr Jobs... zzz
I think phone nowadays are boring. It all looked the same to me. I missed the good old days where manufacturers crack their brains to come out with some mind blowing innovations. Mobile innovations nowadays aren't exactly mind blowing... especially when even the OS of most smartphones are either android or iOS. Just like starwars. Either you are a jedi or a sith... haha.

Haha wtf...
I bought a phone recently, a clamshell phone- something i used to longed for when i was younger... and i still loved it until now. Nope, its not a smartphone, it doesnt have impressive high resolution touch screen, 8 megapixels camera nor even a quad-cored processor. Just an old fashion black and white display phone but man, i am so attached to my phone now. I simply admired it. Small, compact, light weighted, and most of all cute and elegant. Well, its not much, but i love it. That's then when i realized the chase for all the smartphone technologies has left out the aesthetic values of a decent phone.

Well, it is not that i don't like touchable screens, but it does get on your nerves when the phone gets laggy, the os hangs and worse of all is when your heart skips many many beats when your phone drops to the floor. In most of the cases, you can kiss your phone goodbye as well as your paycheck and start hunting for a newer phone. It is maybe a blessing and a good reason for you to buy a new phone on the bright side. 

But then again, nothing stays the same for a very long time and i only hope that innovations gets better and we will eventually have evolution and not cycles. Please bring back the creativity and restore faith in humanity! haha... 

I guess im done ranting here as well...

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mizi bistro

OMG it has been ages since i last touched this blog! There has not been much bloggable stuffs around me recently and thus the dusty blog site. Anyway we went to a bistro recently named Mizi which is situated in Tesco, Straits Quay and decided to give it a try.

The ambiance wasn't not bad but since the bistro wasn't closed with glass window panes, it rather noisy in the bistro. The waiter are also not so welcoming and i got seated in a 2 sitter place just at the brim of the shop.

The famous order would be the 3 set meal (appetizer, main and dessert) hich includes a drink. The complimentary appetizer arrived without the soup and while i have to remind the waiter, the main meal arrive before the soup.

The mushroom soup is very thick texture and a rich taste of wild mushroom. The tomato soup on the other hand is just normal although i can be said to be quite appetizing. We finished the soup quickly as we were very hungry and there was no time for photo shooting.

The 1st mean course is the lasagna in bechamel cream soup. While the bechamel sauce tasted unique, the lasagna has many layers of pasta skin and there was not much meat flavours.

The rosemary chicken on the other hand is quit rich in its aroma and the gravy smells very nice of rosemary. The chicken meat is tender but a little tasteless by itself.

Lastly is the free flow Nestle ice cream which is not really worth taking a shot at. It is however free and thus not much complaints.

In overall, the bistro is not really a must try. The waitresses virtually patrols the bistro for dirty plate collection and i would say it's rather annoying. My verdict? Average VFM.

Mizi bistro Tesco straits quay is located at-

G3, Ground Floor, Tesco Tanjung Pinang
No 1, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang
Tanjung Tokong 10470 Penang

Monday, January 9, 2012

random thoughts 2012 #1

People who gives you hell are not worth your time

Monday, December 26, 2011

i missed christmas already

for a single day in an entire year of 365 days, christmas is truly one short-lived holiday yet almost the most important holiday marked on most people's calendar. is all that anticipation and toil that span way longer than the celebration itself worth the effort? what if christmas is 364 days a year instead...

life itself is just like christmas. christmas is never same for any two person and what it means to you is only for you. if you find it insufficient, maybe you haven't been living in the moment... well a question worth pondering :D

p/s: im still listening to christmas song now xD

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas is here

What better way to spend your Christmas then spending it with those that are close to your heart? Tend to the needs of your soul & you will find yourself spending the cold Christmas warm.

Monday, October 24, 2011

It doesn't just take an apple a day-

It seems that for most of the  time we are unaware of the importance of a healthy daily life. We are so deeply involved in work that we are practically numb to our surroundings for most of the time. Only when we fall sick are we able to appreciate our heath. The scent of cold morning air, the aroma of food from a fine coffee place, and even the taste of a sip of mineral water. I have come to realize this yet again recently when i fell sick due to *some reason and luckily it was only for a short duration.

I have also come to realize, we who called ourself adults proudly tend to do everything that kill ourself earlier than dying of old age. Why is that a glass of bitter, toxical and expensive drink more preffered to a sweet, non toxical and cheaper drink? Everyday most of us drink, eat and inhale poison and persuade others to follow suit.I still can't bring myself to like drinks which numb my mind and makes me wake up feeling 20 years older after all this time.

Well, it's not every time i reflect on such matters but i am glad that amidst the short illness period i was reminded of such things that eludes my mind on a normal day. Thus by saying such, lets toast for our everyday well-being and be glad your are able to do all those that you can't on days where u are not well.

Votre Sante!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

yet another update~

I've decided to update this blog, be it for a sense of commitment or the sake of readers. So what do i want to write?

la la la la la la la la la la la la la la~

yes, there is all to it.. It is still considered an update, no?   =]

p/s: busy busy sem~ xD will update whenever possible :D